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Hymns are so associated with the words sung that a choir can sing two different hymns in consecutive weeks and not realize that they have the same tune. But each tune is a thing in itself and has its own name: e.g. Bunessan is the name of the Gaelic tune Shaw set to Eleanor Farjeon's poem Morning has Broken, and so on.

As well as his many arrangements, Shaw wrote several hymn tunes, often named after places or people he knew well : e.g. Stanley is named after the road where his brother Geoffrey lived with his large family in Primrose Hill –Stanley Gardens. Royden is named after Shaw's friend and colleague, the Christian feminist Maude Royden.

The most well known of Shaw's hymn-tunes are Little Cornard (named after a small village in Suffolk) sung to Hills of the North Rejoice! and Marching, sung to the hymn Through the night of doubt and sorrow. Titles link to a MIDI recording where available.

Shaw also wrote a number of faux bourdons or fa burdens, not included in this list.



27 settings of well-known hymns written in the spirit of old church music

The well-known hymns had been published in the English Hymnal, Hymns Ancient & Modern and two other hymn books with the intials H.C. and C.H. :

CARLTON : (O let him whose sorrow)

CHALCOT : (Lord I would own they tender care)

CHALK FARM : ( Jesu, the very thought of Thee)

ELSWORTHY : (Jesus, where'er Thy people meet)

HERALD : (Hark a herald voice is calling)

LOWER HEATH : (Father of heaven)

MOVING TENT : (For ever with the Lord)

PRIMROSE HILL : (Holy Father, in thy mercy)

QUESTION : (Hark my soul it is the Lord)

ROTHWELL : ( Nearer my God to Thee)

SALVETE FLORES : ( All hail, ye little martyr flowers)

STANLEY : (The day is past and over)

SWANWICK : (Jesus so lowly, child of the earth)

SWISS COTTAGE : (Loving shepherd of thy sheep)

THERE'S A FRIEND : (There's a friend for little children)

WANTAGE (Ye who are safe by the Lord's preserving) printed in the Wantage supplementary Hymn Book

Curwen 5786, 1915, four further editions





Short evening service and 17 hymns and songs, with melodies

SPCK 1921




OXFORD BOOK OF CAROLS listed by carol:


IN EXCELCIS GLORIA : 178 (2nd tune, Nativity)

I SING OF A MAIDEN : 183 (General, Medieval)

KINGS IN GLORY : 194 (treble solo vv. 1,3, & 5, Christmas, Epiphany)

MAKE WE MERRY : 172 (Christmas, secular)

MERRY CHRISTMAS : 189 (Secular)

OUT OF YOUR SLEEP : 177 (Nativity)


OUP 1928




ALDEBY : 396 (Oh Father of goodness, thou art in each one)

ALL CREATURES : 434 (O most high, almighty, good Lord God)

ALL WATERS : 327 (Sound over all the waters, reach out)


BATTLE SONG : ( Mine eyes have seen the glory)

BELSIZE : (Jesu, meek and gentle)

BERWICK STREET : 372 ( The shepherds had an angel)

BOUNDARY : (Glory be to Jesus)

BROMLEY COMMON: 187 i ((Holy holy holy! Lord God Almighty)


CAMBER : 365 ( Little drops of water, little grains of sand)

CHEERFUL : 472 (Come let us join our cheerful songs)


DOORKEEPER : 196 (I would choose to be a doorkeeper))

DOWNSHIRE HILL : 328i (The night is ended and the morning...)


GENTLE JESUS : 356 (Gentle Jesus meek and mild)

GOD IS SPIRIT : 433 ( God is spirit, and they that worship him)

GREETING : 386 (Good day to you all, good day to each)

GUN HILL : 486 (Everything changes, but God...)


HENHAM : 616 (O source of sea and love, O spirit)

HIGH ROAD : 566 (Let all the world)


LEMON'S FARM : 165 ((Sing, men and angels sing))

LITTLE CORNARD : 64 ((Hills of the North, rejoice!))


MADDERMARKET : 396 (O Father above us, our father in might...)

MARCHING : 678 (Through the night of doubt and sorrow)

MUNDAYS : 447 (And didst thou love the race that loved not thee?)


OAKRIDGE LYNCH : 518 (Here in the country's heart )

OXENBRIDGE : 104 (Long did I toil, and knew no earthly ...)


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PURPOSE 300 (God is working his purposes out)

PIMLICO ROAD : 617 (O world invisible, we view thee...)

PIONEERS : 304 (All the past we leave behind)


RILEY : 644 (Songs of praise the angels sang –the hymn from which Songs of Praise takes its name)

ROYDEN : 335 (O welcome in our midst!)


SANTWAT : 647 (Stern daughter of the voice of God!)

SPRING : 5 (Spring bursts today, for Christ is risen)


WESTRIDGE : 363 (Jesus, friend of little children)

WORKING : 345 (Working together, wary and strong)

OUP 1931, 1963



SONGS OF PRAISE DISCUSSED Compiled by Percy Dearmer, with notes on the music by Archibald Jacob

A handbook to the best-known hymns and others recently introduced

OUP 1933, 1952

Note: This book is widely available,
WorldCat lists over 392 libraries