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"Good popular!"

holograph on Shaw's copy of the sheet music


sheet music for Child of the Flowing Tide fading out in a circular shape. Instruction 'not too quick'.


12: Child of the Flowing Tide

Recording Artists: Iain Burnside & Roderick Williams

The song dedication is To Lady Mary Trefusis, a family friend who held the office of Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess Royal. Shaw wrote about Lady Mary in his reminiscences Up to Now. She had died suddenly on the 12th of September 1927, two days before the dancer Isadora Duncan. Shaw was affected by both deaths as had known both women well.

Lady Mary was not in the least bit scandalous as some suggest (perhaps confusing her with her cousin Violet) and was involved with many charitable associations. Elgar’s thirteenth Enigma Variation is dedicated to her as ‘Lady Mary Lygon’ – 'Lygon' being her maiden name.


Geoffrey Dearmer

Geoffrey Dearmer was the son of Shaw’s close friend and editorial colleague Percy Dearmer and his first wife Mabel Dearmer (author of The Bubble Song). For many years he was Literary Editor for BBC Children’s Hour.

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Geoffrey Dearmer (1893 - 1996) from Poems July 1918 by William Heinemann Chappell 1919 contact the Trust Archivist...