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"Conjure her nestling heart to love me more..."

The Conjuration

First few bars of 'The Conjuration' sheet music. Instruction, 'very delicately and slowly'.

9: The Conjuration

Recording Artists: Iain Burnside & Andrew Kennedy

At the moment there is no information available on a Chinese poet called Hung-So-Fan, or a translator of his poems. It is possible that Shaw had come across the poem in 1924 in the British Library during his researches into Songs of Praise. Or he may have come across the poem through his work for The Guildhouse in Ecclestone Square, or again at St Martin's in the Fields - all very ecclectic places with a wide variety of patrons.

The dedication To Lewis Saville acknowledges the friendship between the two men. Saville was Shaw’s publisher at Curwen, and with his wife the composer Evelyn Sharpe, were devoted and life-long Godparents to Shaw’s daughter Mary Elizabeth.


after the Chinese of Hung-So-Fan (1812 - 1861) Cramer 1925 currently out of print