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"Far away, over the sea, to Spain, I fly again..."

2nd verse of Cuckoo


Sheet music of Cuckoo fading out into a circle. Instructions for playing 'Allegretto'.


36: Cuckoo

Recording Artists: Iain Burnside & Sophie bevan

Cuckoo first appeared in Shaw and Dearmer’s book Song-Time – a book of Rhymes, Songs, Games, Hymns, and other music for all occasions in a child’s life. The first verse was a traditional one, and although Shaw had written the second, with his usual reticence he attributed it to Anon.

When the song was published on its own, it was only natural that Shaw’s dedication should be To Percy Dearmer. The men were life-long friends and colleagues until Dearmer's untimely death at his desk in 1936.


1st verse Traditional, 2nd verse, Martin Shaw. First published in Songtime 1915 Curwen 1915 in print