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"Peggie's fallals would furnish a store..."

Over the Sea with the Soldier


sheet music fading out into a circle, to be played 'allegretto'.


26: Over the Sea with The Soldier

Recording Artists: Iain Burnside & Andrew Kennedy

Harold Boulton was a philanthropist and song writer, best known as the author of the Skye Boat Song, which recalls the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie with Flora Macdonald, dressed as a serving maid.

Over the Sea could be a revisiting of the same story, told from the point of view of Flora Macdonald, a 'Beautiful Peggy' who has given her love and gone over the sea with a soldier - someone who could be interpreted as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

‘Fallals’ are showy items of dress.

The song is dedicated to Philip Gee. There is no information about him from the Martin Shaw Archive.

The asterisk next to Shaw's name in the sheet music (above) refers to a footnote explaining that the first five notes of the song are taken from ' a melody in the Skene'.


Harold Boulton (1859 - 1935) JB Cramer 1927 currently out of print