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"...the kind of bath for me, is to take a dip from the side of a ship..."

The Dip


sheet music of 'the dip' fading out into a circle shape. Instructions, 'with movement but not too fast'.


20: The Dip

Recording Artists: Iain Burnside & Roderick Williams

Parry was a judge in Manchester and London who wrote several plays and books for children.

Shaw’s dedication To the Southwold fishermen I knew when a boy harks back to periods of his childhood spent in the Suffolk costal town. One of the fishermen, George Hurr, used to take him out trawling at night.

Shaw writes in Up to Now:

...George taught me to swim and to smoke. (I learned to smoke with shag tobacco, and still often enjoy a pipe of it.) He used to take me out trawling all night. When the nets were down he would while away the time by singing very slowly an interminable ballad with the refrain – which I thought ill-timed – ‘And the salt water was his grave’.

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Judge Edward Abbot Parry (1863 - 1943) first published in Katawumpus, 1895 Cramer 1924, reprinted 1964 Available from Banks Music Publications