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"Fresh earth and cool rain and winds a-blowing free..."



first bars of sheet music fading out into a circle shape; instruction 'rather slowly'.


30: Tides

Recording Artists: Iain Burnside & Roderick Williams

John Pride was was an unconventional character, born in Liverpool, an artist as well as a poet. He suffered from TB for much of his life, and spent his last years in Heswall in the Wirral, living with his old friend Fred Bower, a stonemason.


Shaw’s dedication is To William Caine, a prolific writer of novels and short stories, not to be confused with his father William S. Caine, the temperance politician. Shaw admired Caine’s novel Hoffman’s Chance , regarding it as his best work.

The dedication harks back to a time before Shaw’s marriage when Caine, George Calderon and Shaw would walk on Hampstead Heath together. The friendship of Caine and Calderon supported Shaw through a bad patch of poverty and depression.

A manuscript of their joint project – written about by Shaw in Up to Now – a play called The Brave Little Tailor, is in the Martin Shaw Archive.


John Pride (1877 - 1941) Cramer 1923 currently out of print